The Eye Exam


The Eye Exam

An eye examination provides peace of mind. Your vision is important – close your eyes and imagine life without it.

When you have your eyes examined at Visique Botany Optometrists we have two aims. They are to solve any vision problems you have and to look for any signs of eye disease.

Our comprehensive eye exam typically takes 30-45 minutes during which we will explain what is happening every step along the way. A number of tests and instruments are used to measure your distance and near vision. Other tests may also be carried out to check eye co-ordination and focusing ability.

The health of your eyes is also examined using the latest technology and equipment and includes checks for cataracts and glaucoma. Many of the changes caused by eye disease occur slowly and without obvious signs of discomfort. Regular eye examinations greatly improve the chances of detecting eye problems.

And don’t worry, not everyone ends up with glasses, there are other options and many people end up not needing anything at all. However, if corrective lenses are required, we will explain all the options available to help you decide what suits best.