Choosing Frames

For many people, the most difficult part of eye care is choosing a spectacle frame. Today frames are not only functional but also fashion accessories. Like shoes most people often have more than one pair.

Costs vary widely according to brand names, materials used and quality. You tend to pay more for the designer names and certain metals such as titanium.

Comfort is vital. Assistance is available to help you choose a frame that will best fit your facial features and compliments the natural lines and contours of your face. The size and material of the frame and the choice of lens type will determine the overall weight of the spectacles.

The staff at Visique Botany Optometrists are trained to ensure you are fitted with an attractive pair of spectacles that suits your prescription and compliments your appearance.

Eyewear is part of one’s fashion statement; after all your spectacles are likely to be the first close up point of recognition when meeting people face to face. The general trend favours a unisex, smaller metal frame, both roundish and oval in shape. Colours are important.

Traditional gold’s, antiques and tortishell give the classical look while bright, energetic mixes of blues; greens, reds and pink suit the more outgoing personality.

Feel free to discuss your specific requirements. We have a large range of attractive fashion frames to choose from in a price range suited to you.