Eye Safety


Eye Safety

Accidents involving the eyes are relatively frequent and with careful thought they can usually be prevented. There are many situations to consider that can be potentially dangerous to your eyes and we can recommend the most suitable option for your individual needs.

At work, the OSH regulations require the use of safety spectacles for any occupation where there is danger of an eye injury. There is an obligation for employers to provide safety eyewear. Injuries usually involve some form of missile getting into the eye, chemical injuries and radiation injuries.

When at home, dangers are present when mowing lawns, chopping firewood, sanding, painting, use of power and chain saws and working in the garden. In fact, research has shown that one of the most common eye injuries comes from plant material flicking into the eyes when gardening.

With sport there are often dangers. Racquet sports, especially squash are responsible for many eye injuries. Others include indoor cricket and darts. Swimmers should wear goggles to protect the eyes from chemicals; cyclists and motorcyclists need protection from flying insects and other objects. Water and snow sports expose the eyes to high levels of ultra violet radiation, which is harmful to the eyes.

There are many options including wearing simple safety goggles or even just sunglasses to the use of safety lenses if you are already a spectacle wearer.