Drivers Vision

As ninety percent of information received by a driver is visual, there is no doubt that good vision plays a key role in driving and road safety in general.

Changes to the law now require that drivers have their eyesight checked when renewing their licence every ten years. If the eyesight check shows a problem drivers will be required to have a professional vision assessment and eye health examination and if necessary vision correction.

The faster you travel the less time you have to react to what you see. Poor distance vision becomes dangerous as speed increases. Good judgment of distance requires both good distance and good binocular vision.

There is a gradual deterioration in night vision from age 40. Older drivers can allow for the reduction in quality of their night vision by driving more slowly. Sensitivity to glare also increases with age and is best under age 30. Both of these changes occur as there is a very gradual loss of clarity with the clear structures of the eye with age.

All of these issues can be addressed and we can advise on what is best for your individual circumstances. The problem of distance vision can be addressed with corrective lenses, and night vision and glare reduced by incorporating anti-reflection coatings on the lenses and the appropriate use of sunglasses.

Vision can deteriorate with increasing age and good eyesight is obviously important for safe driving. It is important therefore to have your eyes examined regularly.