Retinal Camera


Retinal Camera

An important part of your eye examination includes an overall visual health examination of the eyes. Many changes caused by eye disease occur slowly and without obvious signs of discomfort.

Changes that can occur include glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic and blood pressure changes that can cause visual impairment.

Our examination equipment now includes a retinal camera that uses digital technology and is at the cutting edge of microelectronics.

The digital camera photographs the back of the eye and is a diagnostic tool enhances the detection of any abnormality, resulting in optimum patient care.

A key advantage to the digital technology is that the photograph is instantly available. We can then show you how the inside of the eye looks and this can help to explain any visual issues you may have.

In the same way that a dentist uses x-ray as part of the dental care process, so the retinal camera provides our optometrists with critical information and a record of any changes that have occurred between examinations. This is why regular eye examinations are important.