PureVision 2 for presbyopia 6 Pack

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PureVision for Presbyopia lenses provide clarity where it counts – in the real world.

Designed for exceptional vision

  • 3-Zone Progressive Design provides improved near and intermediate vision with excellent distance vision for a more natural visual experience.

Designed for comfort

  • All new, thin, rounded edge allows for smooth transition from conjunctiva tissue to the lens surface.

Designed to achieve a successful first fit

  • Designed for a more predictable fit from the start, and offers a step-by-step fitting guide.

Designed for flexibility

  • Approved for extended wear up to 30 days, so patients have the option of sleeping in their lenses.

Product Details

Company: Bausch+Lomb

Packaging: 6 Lenses per box

Wearing Schedule: Daily

Replacement Schedule: Monthly

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