MyDay 1 Day 30 Pack

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MyDay daily disposable contact lens

Why settle for a compromise with your lenses? MyDay daily disposable contact lenses give your eyes what they’re asking for—breathable lenses that are so comfortable, you’ll hardly think about them at all.

CooperVision’s silicone chemistry delivers a contact lens that strikes the right balance, so your eyes get plenty of oxygen (which they need), while you enjoy long-lasting comfort (which you want).

Contact lenses and comfort

When you wear lenses, the last thing you want is to be constantly reminded that you have them on your eyes. Essentially, you want to forget they’re there.

This is MyDay. They offer such comfort, they’re instantly forgettable to your eyes. You, however, will remember the long-lasting comfort they provide.

What helps keep these contact lenses comfortable?

MyDay lenses were designed with your health and comfort in mind.

They are the result of years of research—finding the right combination of lens materials to help ensure your eyes get the oxygen they need, which keeps them healthier and whiter. And healthy eyes are also comfortable eyes.


Do you ever find it difficult to put on lenses because they aren’t easy to handle? MyDay contact lenses are your solution. These daily disposable lenses strike the right balance you need for great contact lens handling:

  • Stiffness – You want a lens that you can easily balance on your index finger without it slipping off or losing its shape.
  • Water content – Without the right amount of water content, your eyes won’t feel comfortable. But, adding too much water loses the right amount of stiffness you need for handling.

MyDay combines the right materials to bring you the balance that you need for handling your contact lenses.

In a case study, 5 to 1 preferred the handling of MyDay contact lenses over the leading daily disposable.*

*Source: CooperVision study on file: MyDayTM vs. 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® —(100 subjects, two-week crossover, bilateral, randomized, masked)

Healthier eyes

What can keep your eyes looking healthier and keeping vibrant?

It’s very important that your eyes receive enough oxygen when wearing contact lenses. Unlike other parts of your body, our corneas only receive oxygen from the air around us. They contain no blood vessels.

To ensure they receive the proper amount of oxygen, the contact lenses you wear must allow the right amount to pass through the lenses. If this doesn’t happen, your eyes may hurt and turn red.

MyDay contact lenses feature CooperVision’s silicone chemistry, which helps deliver the optimum amount of permeability you need for good oxygen flow.

Product details

  • Company: CooperVision
  • Packaging: 30 lenses per box
  • Wearing schedule: daily
  • Replacement schedule: daily

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