FreshLook Colors (2 Pack)

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FreshLook Colors

FreshLook Colors coloured contact lenses from respected contact lens manufacturer Ciba Vision give you a great range of fantastic colours that will totally alter your eye colour. These lenses are opaque, completely obscuring your own natural iris so they can give you an intense – if not shocking – change to your eye colour. These are coloured contact lenses to make your friends, colleagues and family really say WOW – subtle, they are not.

“Don’t they make my brown eyes blue?”

Absolutely. Or your blue eyes brown. Or green. Or violet. The choice is yours. Of course, you could go from brown to hazel for a more subtle look but, quite frankly, why bother when you can completely change the colour of your eyes with FreshLook Colors? A dark-skinned, dark-eyed individual can easily go for Sapphire Blue eyes for a very striking look indeed. Yes, the colour effect is profound, but your eyes will still look natural thanks to the way these coloured contact lenses are uniquely constructed to gather and reflect light. FreshLook Colors coloured contact lenses are also small optical instruments, manufactured to the same rigorous processes as other, regular contact lenses.

No contacts? No problem.

If you just want to change your eye colour, but you don’t need prescription glasses or contact lenses, that’s no problem. Just select 0.00 as the power for both eyes and ‘no prescription’ at checkout. We would, however, always recommend that you get your eyes checked out by a qualified optician regularly – especially if this is the first time you intend to wear contact lenses.

FreshLook Colors are available in Blue, Green, Violet, and Sapphire Blue.

Product details

  • Company: Ciba Vision
  • Packaging: 2 lenses per box
  • Wearing schedule: daily
  • Replacement schedule: Monthly

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