FreshLook Colorblends (2 Pack)

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FreshLook Colorblends

FreshLook Colorblends coloured contact lenses from worldwide contact lens manufacturer Ciba Vision offer a wide palette of beautifully attractive colours to enhance your natural eye colour. They’re not designed to radically alter your eye colour – so trying to change dark brown eyes to blue with these lenses won’t work. What they do is give you a greater depth and intensity and, used correctly, the effects can be more than noticeable.

Match coloured contact lenses to suit your eye colour, skin tone – and even what you’re wearing

Although it’s perfectly possible, you don’t have to wear FreshLook Colorblends every day. They’ll keep happily for a fortnight in an approved contact lens case with the correct solutions so they’ll always be ready for when you fancy altering your eye colour – whether it’s just during the day or for an exciting evening out.

Keep a range of colours handy

With such a wide range of such beautiful colours available, it seems a shame to just change to one different colour. Why not stock up on a few different FreshLook Colorblends coloured contact lenses so whatever you’re wearing, whatever the occasion and whatever your mood, the colour of your eyes will compliment time and place perfectly.

They are available in Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Pure Hazel, True Sapphire and the latest additions Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue & Gemstone Green.

Please Note: Amethyst colour has been discontinued.

Product details

  • Company: Ciba Vision
  • Packaging: 2 lenses per box
  • Wearing schedule: Daily
  • Replacement schedule: Monthly

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