Avaira Toric 6 Pack

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Fornightly Toric 6 Pack

New 2-weekly silicone hydrogel with astigmatism correction – Only available from Optometrists in Australia and New Zealand


  • New: enhanced with higher water content
  • Greater UV blocking property (blocks more than 90% UVA and 99% UVB)
  • Natural wettability
  • Seamless refit

Silicone hydrogel is the healthiest soft contact lens material

  • The third generation of silicone hydrogel material used in cAir is inherently wettable with no surface treatments, and uses naturally wettable building blocks to improve compatibility between silicone and hydrophilic domains
  • Hydrogel contact lenses minimise or eliminate hypoxia-related signs and symptoms during lens wear.

Product details

  • Company: Cooper Vision
  • Packaging: 6 lenses per pack
  • Wear Schedule: daily
  • Replacement schedule: fortnightly

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