Avaira Toric 6 Pack

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Avaira Toric for astigmatism

CooperVision’s latest addition to the Avaira® family of two-week silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Avaira® Toric offers patients with astigmatism a lens that maximizes performance and delivers a remarkable level of consistency, especially important for astigmatic patients who typically need different prescriptions in each eye.

Made with thier exclusive Aquaform® Comfort Science, Avaira Toric provides a lens material with hydrophilic properties. Aquaform utilizes longer siloxane chains, resulting in less silicone having to be incorporated into the material to achieve high Dk. It also creates charged areas within the lens material that form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, locking the water into the lens to aid in comfort and minimize deposits.

At a glance

  • Naturally wettable with no surface treatments or wetting agents
  • Optimized ballast design for lens stability and consistent fit across the power range
  • Low modulus and high oxygen transmissibility: Dk/t=91
  • UV blocker

Product details

  • Company: CooperVision
  • Packaging: 2 x 3 lens boxes (6 lenses in total)
  • Wearing schedule: daily
  • Replacement schedule: fortnightly

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