1-Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism 30 Pack

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So thin and comfortable you don’t feel them on your eyes!

Do you have astigmatism? No matter what you get up to, 1 Day Acuvue® Moist® brand contact lenses give you the freedom of contacts with the convenience of a daily disposable lens. They are the only lenses with Lacreon® technology which creates a silky smooth cushion throughout the lens, reducing friction to leave your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

Why 1 Day Acuvue Moist® For Astigmatism daily disposable contact lenses?

  • Convenience: Enjoy the freedom of contacts without the hassle and ongoing cost of cleaning solutions.
  • Feel Fresh: Your eyes will feel fresh and comfortable even at the end of the day.
  • A healthy option: With a fresh, clean, new pair each day, it’s the healthiest way to wear contact lenses.
  • UV protection: Block out harmful UV rays with Class 2 protection from 82% UVA and 97% UVB rays.
  • Crisp, stable vision: A unique lens design means clear vision all day long, no matter what your activities.

1 Day Acuvue® Moist® For Astigmatism’s key benefits and features

  • Accelerated Stabilisation Design ensures you only need to blink your eyes a few times to stabilise the position of the lens to provide crisp and stable vision at all times.
  • Class 2 UV Blocking to help protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays.
  • Eyes that feel fresh and comfortable even at the end of the day.

Try 1 Day Acuvue® Moist® For Astigmatism contacts if

  • You have astigmatism and have never tried contact lenses.
  • You desire the healthiest, most convenient way to wear contacts.
  • You are currently a spherical lens (non-astigmatic design) wearer but you have uncorrected astigmatism (of =/>0.75D )
  • You want superior end of day comfort from your contacts to allow you to perform at your best all day, no matter what you’re doing!

Product details

  • Company: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care
  • Packaging: 30 lenses per box
  • Wearing schedule: daily
  • Replacement schedule: daily

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