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Computers & Your Eyes
Work with computers has led to a revolution in the way office work is done. However, increased efficiency in many work places has had its price as some people using computers (also known as VDU's) have experienced severe aches and pains as well as visual discomfort.

Whilst computer work does not cause eye deterioration, such work often shows up eye defects such as long sightedness and astigmatism.

Visual and ocular discomfort can show a variety of symptoms. These include:

* Soreness of the eyes
* Reddening of the eyes
* Watering or dryness of the eyes
* Blurring of vision
* Eyes feeling "heavy" or "gritty"
* Headaches
* Sensitivity to glare

Where computer work is a normal part of your job, regular eye examinations are important. We have the knowledge to advise you on ways to reduce eye problems with computer use.
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